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My Interview with Rhetoric

November 15, 2018

20141123_135926Me: So should I call you Rhet or Rick?

Rhetoric:  That’s pretty funny.  What else you got?

Me: Or maybe Dick? 

Rhetoric: Some might call me that.  But you can call me bombastic, magniloquence, pomposity, verbosity or hot air – like in balloon.  I’m high flyin’ BAYBEEEEE!  

Me: Excuse me  if I’m curt, but you seem out of control lately.

Rhetoric:  Whatever it takes baby!   Or Curt…whatever you like

Me: Whatever it takes?

Rhetoric: Winner take all.

Me: But at what expense?

Rhetoric: Not my concern.  My job is to deliver the goods.  May the best persuader win.

Me: So you have an endless stream of believers, followers, practitioners?

Rhetoric:  Don’t forget college professors.  And yes, even the most reasonable and ethical people cave to my charms – once, of course, they get a taste of power.

Me: So you and power are buddy buddy?

Rhetoric: Bet your ass.  And argument, coercion, influence, murder, mayhem, war, mass destruction…guns and roses.  You know, the usual suspects.

Me: You like to up the ante?

Rhetoric: Always.  Why not?  I can’t lose.  I’m playing both sides – one against the other.  Throw in another party or extremist group.  More the merrier.

Me: Do you ever care who wins?

Rhetoric:  Not really.  But usually the one that’s best at persuasion or coercion wins the presentation…or election or whatever.

Me: If you had to convince people to tone it down, how would you influence them?

Rhetoric.  Something like this….Let’s face it people.  You’ve been duped by those who are pushing all your emotional buttons to override your brains and get what they want from you.   The good new is, you can change all that.  Here’s what you need to do – find out the facts, share truthful information, keep your tone reasonable and aim to be honest and fair with others….NOT!

Me: Had me going there for a minute.

Rhetoric: That’s what I do man.  I get people going.  Where they end up, well that’s their f-ing problem.

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