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Resolving Conflict

August 11, 2018

Reasonable approach. Basic steps. But oh so hard to manage and master…

Rich Drinon Leadership Communication

SDS presentation-creationConflict happens! And when it does, the leader must be prepared to address issues between parties.  Some leaders have a low tolerance for confrontation and avoid intervening in conflict between followers.  They take the attitude, “The issue will work itself out.” Others are quick to squelch disagreement between parties by discouraging contention but not helping the individuals resolve issues.  In this case, issues linger below the surface and may be displayed through less overt skirmishes or passive – aggressive behaviors.  By being proactive, a leader can address conflict and resolve issues before they spread like a virus or escalate to war.

Conflict is a natural part of working and living with others. Sometimes conflict is positive, bringing to light different ideas, strategies and methods for conducting business.  Positive conflict can generate a creative or competitive tension that makes an organization dynamic.  Conflict can also be negative. When the competition between…

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