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Managing Image, Perceptions, Credibility & Trust, Part 1

July 8, 2018

Everything communicates. Before you even open your mouth, image is at play or work sending signals for better or worse…

Rich Drinon Leadership Communication

SDS presentation-creationManaging Image & Perceptions

Image is inescapable.  For better or worse – every leader has one.  The leader’s words, tone and actions are always being scrutinized and interpreted by others.  The purpose of this article is to help you understand the dynamics of image, making a favorable impression, dealing with misperceptions and building credibility and trust with others.

Making a Favorable First Impression

It only takes a few moments for someone to form an impression of you.  Within a few seconds, another person has seen or heard you, screened you according to his or her worldview and decided how to proceed with you.  You are either “in” or “out” from the start of the “relationship.”

People judge others according to their non-verbal, vocal and verbal communication.  Non-verbal communication makes up about 50 percent of the first impression; vocal communication represents 40 percent of the pie; and verbal communication the remaining…

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