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Leading Groups & Making Presentations, Part 2

June 20, 2018

June 2018 Update: My work has focused more on delivery than design, although I mention a few items in this blog.  Recently I finished Tim Pollard’s book, The Compelling Communicator. I’ve not read a better book on presentation design and recommend it highly. I’m also using his online “briefcase” to better design and to store presentations.  Even after thousands of speaking engagements over several decades I’m looking for ways to improve.

Rich Drinon Leadership Communication

SDS presentation-creationMaking a Great Presentation

Follow this five step approach to making great presentations.

  • Impress

Impress your audience through your appearance, charm, wit, talent, knowledge, understanding, and use of visual tools, speaking ability or passion. Better yet, try a combination of all these items.  When you create the right image, and make a favorable first impression, you gain some instant credibility with your audience.

  •  Involve

Involving your audience early and often gets them engaged in the presentation.  You can ask them to raise their hands in response to a no-miss question.  Or, make sure you have a good joke that’s well tested to get them laughing.  You can give them handout materials so they move their bodies in the act of receiving.  Remember, the mind follows the body and the body follows the mind.  When you open the audience’s mind or body language in a favorable manner they will continue…

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