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Navigating & Promoting Change

June 4, 2018

After achieving results through others and cultivating relationships, leading change has emerged as one of the big three competencies for leaders in this age.

Rich Drinon Leadership Communication

SDS presentation-creationNavigating change is one of today’s most complex leadership issues. Like a captain sailing a ship into unknown waters, the leader must consider the costs of changing course, get all hands on deck and move the ship onward.  This process involves awareness, alertness and action, plus the ability to use persuasion to promote change.

Practicing Awareness, Alertness & Action


It’s essential to be aware of shifts occurring in one’s world, industry, community and home.  An aware individual has an understanding of changes taking place globally, nationally or regionally that impact one locally and personally.


As the leader maintains an awareness of change, he or she must also be alert to threats and opportunities that emerge from these larger shifts. From mega trends to micro-trends to tipping points, new problems or possibilities for business development often result from change.


When new possibilities appear on the horizon, the leader…

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