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Refining Your Leadership Philosophy & Style

March 30, 2018

Rich Drinon Leadership Communication

SDS presentation-creationDefining Leadership

Over the past century much research has been conducted on the topic of leadership. These studies have produced many theories and differing views on the subject.  Most definitions contain similar elements; leaders, followers, a hierarchy, some form of influence, and a purpose to be served or goal to be achieved.

Because there is no one definition of leadership, the leader is free to choose the elements he or she favors in order to manage one’s situation and get results through others.  This article will prepare you to state, develop or define your own unique leadership philosophy and style.

Considering Your Leadership Style

Each leader communicates in his or her way, based on a variety of factors, including personality, role models, experience, education, training and the situation.  Each follower also has a unique way of reacting or responding to any given leader.  It’s challenging to get the leadership…

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