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You ARE the Persuasive Message – Rich’s Rules for Influence # 3

December 12, 2017

Everything speaks!

Rich Drinon Leadership Communication

Rich's Rules TitlecardDo you look like someone others would want to meet, date, hire or do business with?  If not, do you care?  And if you do care, what can you do about it?  The power of persuasion – or dissuasion – begins the moment two people encounter one another.

How Image and Impressions Factor into Influence

You probably know right away if you like or trust someone.  It happens so quickly.  And when others meet you, you’re probably considered “in” or “out” in the first few moments.  Image and impressions are a critical part of being persuasive.  Critical, because, whether you like it or not, others will scrutinize you with an eye to detail or a sense that something about you doesn’t quite add up for their purposes or preferences.   Here are a few things people are likely to judge about you in the first few moments of meeting.  ADEPT

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