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Rich’s Rules for Change # 3: Leadership is to Aspire & Inspire & Sometimes Warn!

April 23, 2017

Rich's Rules Titlecard

In my approach to leadership communication coaching, your verbal skill is everything. This is particularly true when leading change. Leadership is your ability to influence others to get on board with any particular objective. In this case, change! Sometimes you verbalize the vision or goal. Other times you act as cheerleader by speaking inspirationally to build on current momentum. And sometimes you voice a warning that things are going sideways and they need to straighten out before they go south!


Your job as leader requires vision and passion. To be looking upward and onward. Towards the horizon or the stars. Over, under, through or around any obstacles that stands in the way of the objective. When you ASPIRE to something HIGHER you stay focused, keep your eyes on the prize and help followers do the same by speaking aspirationally.


Your job is also getting and keeping others on board the “ship” of state when sailing into unknown or frightening waters. Keeping all hands on deck. Understanding their collective and individual dreams – and worst imagined nightmare. Your enthusiastic message to them, “You rock!” “You rule!” “We got this!” “You da man…or woman!” or “Stay the course!”


There’s ALSO a time to take evasive or corrective action.  To direct with clarity and urgency or immediacy.  If the “ship” is heading for the rocks, a reef or runs the risk of crashing ashore, it’s your leader’s job to make sure everyone understands your commands – “Full stop!” “Anchor down!” or Hard Turn!”   Hopefully not “Abandon Ship!” Or worse, from your followers, “Walk the plank!”

Rich Drinon is NOT a sailor, although he loves boats and most bodies of water. He is, however, a leadership communication skills coach working with men and women leaders, both established and emerging, by phone nationally. You can contact Rich by emailing for more information.


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