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Rich’s Rules for Change # 1: Then, Now & NEXT!

March 13, 2017

Rich's Rules Titlecard

Time flies. When clients ask me about generations in the workplace I have to stop and think hard because the subject is such a moving target. Same with technology. Yesterday I didn’t think about Algorithms, Today I do. And tomorrow they will rule the world – if not already.

To stand a chance at navigating change, or at least being AT the parade route when it all passes by, let this series provoke your thinking towards staying relevant. Here are some things to consider NOW. They may change by my NEXT blog!

The World You Were Born Into Is Not The One You Live In Now

Not to sound cruel, but no one cares about hearing you say “When I was a child,” even if you’re only 19, because they’re too busy trying to keep step with what’s NOW and NEXT. Your kids might get a chuckle from stories of walking miles to school in the snow while listening to Roxette sing The Look on your Walkman. And it might be fun to reminisce with high school friends at that 2007 ten year reunion over a drink or two about the Good Old Days. No Mooning Allowed!  But, as soon as the story ends or the reunion is over, it’s back to business – the business of staying in step with change on a fast moving treadmill in the middle of a raging river in turbulent times – not to mention on a revolving planet orbiting a sun in a hardly known solar system and less familiar universe.  Unless you’re all New-Agey and stuff.

The World You Live In Now Is Not The One You Will Live In Tomorrow 

It’s hard to imagine that some of today’s cutting edge technology, high tech gadgets and compelling advertisements will seem so dated and ridiculous tomorrow. Heard last week from a friend, “Sell your lap top? No one buys laptops anymore?”  Me, “But wait! I have a fairly new one I’m not using that I’d like to sell.” And that sentence explains the whole concept.  Buckle up buddy boy, or girl, or transsexual – the new and the next is coming from that mysterious neighborhood just over the event horizon.

As Is Vs. Will Be

You, me, and everyone and everything else has an As Is situation. Current reality. Right Here, Right Now to put it in Van Halen-ish words (crap, was that 1993)?  We also have a Will Be situation waiting for us after that reunion. Be alert. Stay Relevant. Mount up. And don’t let the bucking speed of change throw you out of the saddle and stomp you into the dirt of obsolesce.

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