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Shed Some Light On The Subject – Rich’s Rule # 11

August 28, 2016

Rich's Rules TitlecardShed Some Light on the Subject – Beware of the Dark Side

Over the past decade, moral intelligence has emerged as an important theme for research in leadership studies.  The good news is that leaders with higher character ratings in these studies tend to have more successful organizations on several levels.  And common sense would tell us that followers prefer leaders of high character.

In contrast, you can also see a rise in certain “dark” characteristics in younger generations and in society as a whole.  Leaders who are narcissistic and self absorbed use power for their psychological needs. Leaders who are psychopaths – lacking conscience and empathy – have a found a perch of power to defend and will do whatever it takes to keep it, even if it means killing off their own people. Then there are those who come to leadership through family, favors or tradition.  They may be unqualified to lead, and they may abuse or neglect their responsibilities.  Leadership borne of dark places comes at the expense of many. The irony, of course, is that if those types of leaders are reading this, they will either not see themselves or not care if they do recognize themselves.  I raise this topic to make leaders of good character aware of what they may be encountering in the leadership landscape.

For this reason Beware of the Dark Side is Rich’s Rule # 11.

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