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Do You Wear a Black or a White Hat? – Rich’s Rule # 12

August 28, 2016

Rich's Rules TitlecardDo You Wear a Black or a White Hat? – Develop Political Savvy

Politics are a reality of life and of the workplace.  Especially the workplace.  Many people say they hate the politics in their organization or try to avoid them.  Perhaps some can ignore the politics as they make their way along the career path.  And others might find a back room to hide in while they count money, move numbers or manage technology. But most people – even the most detached – are going to come face to face with the political realities every once in a while.

In your role as a leader, you oversee many things.  You oversee your team, your department or perhaps the organization as a whole.  You are accountable for the work of others, and accountable to your boss, the organization or the board of directors.  And, the whole arena or circus tent of politics is also on your property.  You can ignore it, but it won’t go away. You can run, but you can’t hide.  You can put it on a leash, but it will still find a way to bite you.  So, the truth is, it’s best to accept the reality of office politics and do your best to manage and even master the art form.

For this reason, Develop Political Savvy is Rich’s Rule # 12.

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