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Language Leads the Way – with Individuals, Communities…and Nations

July 31, 2016

20150307_095836-1.copyaAs a leadership communication skills coach I’m keenly aware of the power of language.  And, like those of you who aim to live positively, I’m attuned to the workings of language when it comes to attitude, actions and results.  We can witness these workings in our lives – and in our collective life as a community or nation.   Here are a few current examples of concern…

1. Language, Both Internal and External.  It’s helpful to monitor and manage our internal dialog and external words to insure we’re creating the results we desire – that as creative beings we’re speaking what we want into existence.  Today in America I hear one leader say the threat of terrorism is contained.  Another high ranking official says “They only have to right once, we have to be right every time.”  And, from another in a leadership role – there are too many threats to stop them all.   This changing language alarms me on one level, but on another makes me hope our verbal and physical response to the present danger will shift to effectively meeting and defeating the threat.

2. Physical Action.  Those practicing positive thinking and self-talk know this principle: the mind follows the body and the body follows the mind.  This means regardless of what’s going on in our head or coming out of our mouth we can change our body language to shift the other two.  You can stand up straight and strong, get active or throw yourself into the task at hand – to name a few ways.  I wonder what corresponding actions our citizenry will take to meet this new threat as it faces us on a daily, close-to-home, in-your-face manner? The idea of being more aware, alert and ready to take action comes to mind.

3. Underlying Attitude and Ever Changing Emotions.  Those practicing positivism often recognize that beneath it all is a history of how we function in terms of our general mood.  And that emotions – both positive and negative – are short term factors that come and go.  Is your ongoing attitude toward life generally positive, or upward and onward?  Or is your underlying theme generally negative and immobilizing?  And what about as a nation? Will our collective ongoing mood be one of continuing freedom, achievement, wealth, democracy and striving for liberty and justice for all?  Or are we at risk for a lesser one?  And will we face the emotional pain of increasing attacks by keeping our hearts intact, grieving and mourning but also keeping with the business of living?  Or will we be overcome by emotions that keep us from doing so?

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