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Friday’s Big Eight # 8: Relevance

May 13, 2016

SDS presentation-creationStaying relevant is an ongoing pursuit.  Because technology is constantly evolving and touching every area of your life it’s essential you learn to think and act in new ways in multiple arenas.  As a leader it’s important for you to stay relevant in terms of your skills and in relation to your leadership role.

What you know about self gives you a good frame of reference from which to plan, act and improve.  Some of the key areas of self-knowledge forming that frame of reference are:

Personality & Preferences

Knowing your behavioral style and which things come easily for your or which take more effort gives you an idea of where to best focus your talent or self-improvement energies.

History: Past, Present & Future

What have you learned about yourself from personal history?  What are your patterns?  What motivates you the most?  What is your style when it comes to taking action?  What wisdom can you draw from that history?

Education, Experience & Expertise

Having an appreciation for what you’ve learned, applied and become highly skilled can give you the confidence needed to pursue what’s next on your professional path.  In the same way you learned, practiced and became proficient at a vocation, you can become more competent as a leader.

Limitations & Potential

Knowing your real vs. perceived limitations gives you an understanding of what realistic goals to set for your life.  You may not be built for a particular sport or adept with computer technology, but you may have a real gift for leading, coaching and inspiring others.  Go with your strengths.  Work on limitations that are worth improving.  Otherwise, team up with others who have skills you don’t possess.


Rich Drinon, M.A. is a leadership communication skills coach with an advanced education in leadership communication,  29 years of experience coaching leaders and managers and expertise in the art and science of persuasion.   More about Rich and his coaching programs at Drinon & Associates 


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