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Friday’s Big Eight # 7: Decisions

May 6, 2016


Your ability to continuously solve problems and make decisions better insures that you, the team and organization are less likely to get behind the curve when it comes to changes taking place in today’s world.  Keeping the pace is essential to remaining viable, profitable and relevant.  Your ability to decide accurately and quickly and to take decisive action can be a big asset.  Or course, so is the ability to be flexible and change your mind as needed.

Here are three primary ways to approach decision making:

Subjective – Working with known information.  Usually revolves around asking yourself or the team questions that identify the problem, causes and possible solutions.  I credit the Dale Carnegie Course and Dale Carnegie’s book How to Stop Worrying and Start Living with helping me become a better decision maker beginning in my early 20s.  Still relevant.

Objective – Needing more and better intelligence.  There are times when you don’t’ have all the info you need to make a good decision.  Generally Objective decision making calls for research, analysis and reporting one’s findings.  In group decision making situations it’s often recommended to have a third party facilitator who uses some sort of ideal or results oriented group process.

Intuitive – Intuition is that Flash of Insight that comes as a vision in your mind’s eye, little voice in the back of your mind or a gut feeling.  Individuals may receive intuitive insights or hunches differently but, most would agree, when they follow intuition things work out.  When they don’t follow, things are likely to go sideways or south.  Generally speaking, people are not trained or conditioned to use intuition here in the western world, so one must make the effort to recognize and respond to intuition when it’s at work – versus just using intelligence to make seemingly rational choices.  Both are valuable, but intuition is often disregarded by individuals in this left-brained culture.

Making Decisions is # 7 in Friday’s Big Eight    

Rich Drinon, M.A. has conducted thousands of leadership communication skills training and coaching programs for hundreds of executives and management teams throughout the U.S. and Canada over the past 30 years. More about Rich and his coaching programs at: Drinon & Associates      

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