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Friday’s Big Eight # 6: Change

April 29, 2016

SDS presentation-creationThe ability to navigate change has become one of the most important areas of competence over the past few decades due to shifts in our technology driven global society.  The leader needs to predict, plan for and promote change in a manner that brings about next steps and a new normal.

Predicting change is becoming a more exact science due to the massive amount of information available to analyst and decision makers.  Big Data, carefully scrutinized, can give those with the ability to decipher and put it to immediate use an incredible edge in today’s marketplace or battleground – or at the polls.  Read The Naked Future: What Happens in a World that Anticipates Your Every Move? by Patrick Tucker –  if you haven’t already.

With accurate, faster and more powerful ways to predict changes, patterns and opportunities, those in competitive situations must learn to plan for changemore quickly than before.  To recognize changes that impact people globally, regionally, locally and personally and plan products, services and marketing, promotion or sales campaigns often takes “turn on a dime” agility and “0 to 60 in five seconds” speed.

And, of course, the leader must be able to get others on board by effectively promoting change.  You can predict change and plan quickly but if you can’t persuade all hands to get on deck to turn the ship you will still be headed in the wrong direction with the possibility of running aground or sinking before reaching a better shore.  I highly recommend reading Rick Maurer’s work.  It’s helped me tremendously as a business owner.  Rick works with companies across the globe.   Several articles are available at his website:

Change is # 6 in Friday’s Big Eight      

Rich Drinon, M.A. has conducted thousands of leadership communication skills training and coaching programs for hundreds of executives and management teams throughout the U.S. and Canada over the past 28 years.


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