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Friday’s Big Eight # 5: Results

April 22, 2016

4863-BWLast Friday I wrote, “In the workplace you’ve heard it said, “It’s all about relationships.”  And, to a large degree, this is true.  It’s hard to accomplish your objectives without the help of others.”  You’ve also heard it said, “It’s all about results.”  And this is ALSO true.  As a leader you were hired or promoted into your position with the expectation you would deliver results.

It’s important for you to set goals, establish priorities, schedule time and manage your work space on a personal basis.  And, perhaps more importantly, it’s vital for you to achieve results THROUGH others by learning to convey expectations, delegate work and give performance feedback while planning for improvement with your entire team and individual members.

The tension between those who are geared towards achieving results versus those who are more relationship-oriented is a historic point of friction in the workplace.   It’s important to understand your own preferences and tendencies and make adjustments in accordance with your position as leader.   Those who are more oriented towards goals, results or tasks often need to develop communication, relationship and people management skills.  Usually those who are more people or relationship-oriented must get past the need to be popular or liked, and learn to be more direct, assertive and skilled at holding others accountable.  Learning to coach others for engagement and results is an important training topic for both types.

Plan your leadership development accordingly!

Results is # 5 in Friday’s Big Eight      

Rich Drinon, M.A. has conducted thousands of leadership communication skills coaching and training programs for hundreds of executives and management teams throughout the U.S. and Canada over the past 30 years. More about Rich and his coaching programs at Drinon & Associates


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