SDS presentation-creationThe story of an oyster cultivating a pearl is a great analogy for persons developing relationships.  With the oyster, an intruding or irritating grain of sand is covered by layers of a mineral substance called mother of pearl until a beautiful gem is produced.  Between humans, that grain of sand is usually a speck of commonality that begins the process of rapport and discovery until, over time, relationships of varying degrees are produced.  Some are distant, some closer.  Some are acquaintances.  Some friends.  Some lovers.  Some never launch – but a few become beautiful gems.

In the workplace you’ve heard it said, “It’s all about relationships.”  And, to a large degree, this is true.  It’s hard to accomplish your objectives without the help of others.  Relationships with customers, vendors, examiners, collaborators and employees are all critical to your success.  Well known polls on employee engagement continue indicating that the relationship a worker has with his or her direct supervisor has a lot to do with how productive and happy that individual is in the workplace.

If you are a natural born relationship type, this art of cultivating mutuality with others may come easily for you.  You do and say all of the right things that contribute to ongoing relationships.  Often, even to your detriment in the case of those who would take advantage of you.  If you are a more goal or task oriented type, geared more towards goals, results, tasks or things – or more towards logic than feelings – it may require work on your part to develop new relationships.  Even if you are a very outgoing, spontaneous people person – cultivating deeper, longer term and meaningful relationships can be elusive until you buckle down and make a commitment to the idea and elements of a committed relationship.

Relationships is # 4 in Friday’s Big Eight

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