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Leadership Communication Smackdown – The Week’s Political Verbalizations

April 11, 2016

20160411_120224_resized_1Last week the candidates found themselves verbalizing and vocalizing the following – while sounding weak, babyish, nervous, indignant and nutty!

  1. Bernie backtracks on statements made about Hillary being qualified for the presidency.
  2. Donald cries foul over the delegate process.
  3. Hillary laughs off email scandal.
  4. Ted insists he won’t apologize to Mitch.
  5. John sounds like one of the three stooges when he says nominating Ted or Donald would be nuts.

Leadership communication is all about non-verbal, vocal and verbal skill and congruency.  Saying the right thing in the right way to the right audience at the right time on a particular topic in a specific setting  – and not getting videotaped saying the wrong thing!

Rich Drinon is a Leadership Communication Skills Coach and Equal Party Offender.

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