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Q # 3: Interview with the Leadership Speaker, Trainer, Coach – What Qualifiers Have Contributed to Your Success?

February 28, 2016

20160117_104340-2_resized 4What type of qualifiers (education, certification, experience or other) do you feel have best contributed to your success? 

It’s odd that I resisted my parent’s desire for me to go to college.  Figured I could make a fortune on my own terms.  A few years after high school, however, I enrolled in college and am glad I did.  Once there I excelled in communication – verbal and written – which is pretty much what I do for a living.   So higher education for me was a good investment.

Nothing could replace what I learned from my bosses, mentors and co-workers at the Dale Carnegie Courses sponsorship that hired me right out of college.  I worked with some of the best speakers, salespeople, success stories, teachers and finest people in the world.  Without learning to SELL training I would not be in business today.  And, of course, the Dale Carnegie Courses I took in Public Speaking & Human Relations, Sales and Management were great.  Thanks Jim, Vic, Clark, Jose, Catherine, Skip and Lee!

Taking the DISC Behavioral Style assessment and training was a great confirmation of my Dominant/Cautious Style – for better or worse.  I could instantly see DISC as a HUGE benefit to anyone who wants to get better at communication, relationships and people skills.  I’m certified as a DISC trainer and the time and money for the training and certification was well worth it.

Yes, I‘m recommending Gonzaga University’s Online Master’s Degree in Communication and Leadership Studies or the Master’s in Organizational Leadership.   I took courses from both sides of the larger program, plus earned a certificate in Servant Leadership as part of the program.  Ultimately I chose to graduate in Leadership Communication because that’s my passion and it greatly enhanced my work.

I was just accepted into a Leadership Doctorate program from a top ranked regional university.  I have some time to decide if I want to pursue that degree or if there are other opportunities I’d rather spend my time and money on.  I love to learn – which keeps me relevant and in touch with each new generation of students. When I first launched my business at age 31 I was younger than most of my clients.  Now I’m older than many of them – and most of the participants in my coaching programs.  But I stay young at heart and relevant in the head.

My experiential nature has put me in contact with MANY different types of people.  This is the best qualifier of all.  I’ve been in working relationships with men and women in entertainment, construction, health care, high tech, media, banking and dozens of other industries.  I’ve served people who were famous and those who were unknown but amazing.  And some of the best lessons I’ve learned have come from dealing with sociopaths, psychopaths and narcissist in a variety of settings.

For example, I’ve faced groups of individuals over the years who appearedbigger, tougher or more dominant than me.  But having held my ground and negotiated my way out of situations with outlaw bikers who wanted to do me harm, and with a sociopathic killer who wanted me as his post-prison counselor and with a boss who was a psychopath – most audiences aren’t going to intimidate me.  (Except high school kids.  I spoke at a high school a few years ago and those kids really did scare me!)

Stayed tuned for the next interview question: Why did you decide to go out on your own?  And what do you wish you had known then that you know now?    

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