12As previously mentioned, without learning to sell I would not be in this business today.  Others have different ways to generate business, but this is what works for me.  And, it’s NOT for MOST people.  To be successful through cold calling you have to be verbally skilled and able take it on the chin regularly. My wife will not come near my office when I’m making cold calls because she finds the sport too brutal to witness.

This is where most people who come to me THINKING they want to do what I do fold.  They dream of being in this business – but having to sell?  No way!

I don’t consider myself a “natural born” or “superstar” sales person.  But I’ve managed to keep and develop my persuasive abilities since birth – which most people lose as they age.  And I knew from a young age that I was a gifted teacher and had a “way” with people.  But selling WAS and STILL is hard work for me.

One guiding principle I follow is the Law of Averages. If you call on a certain number of people, a percentage will reject you and a percentage will accept your request to tell them more.  Of those that will listen, a percentage will accept a proposal from you and a percentage will say “Not further interested.”  Of those who accept a proposal a percentage will decline to buy and a percentage will say “Yes!”  I’ve always kept track of my numbers so I know how to plan for the next year in terms of three things: number of legitimate contacts, number of proposals given and number of deals closed.  Dollar figures can be assigned to these numbers to plan sales and earnings for the next year.

Somehow, and somewhere between true grit and the law of averages I’ve been able to make deals, get hundreds of clients, pay my bills and keep doing what I love for many years.  Yes, there are more famous, successful and higher earning speakers, trainers, coaches, etc. than me.  But my blog is aimed at the hundreds of people who come to me asking HOW I DO THINGS.

Many current well-knows sales trainers will tell you that cold calling is dead. Maybe it is – or maybe they’re just making money by telling people what they want to hear.  Few people LIKE to make cold calls.  But it WORKS for me.

So, to answer question 2, that’s HOW I get business.

Next Interview Question: What type of qualifiers (education, certification, experience or other) do you feel have best contributed to your success?