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Introduction: Interview with the Leadership Communication Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Writer & Video Personality

January 22, 2016

20160117_104340-2_resized 4Over the past 28 years hundreds of people have asked me to lunch or coffee to “pick my brain” about how I do business as they consider launching a career as a speaker, trainer, coach, etc.  In the early days I was honored.  Less so in recent years due to the value of my time.  Going forward, those seeking my “wisdom” can hire me to coach them at my going rate.  Or, they can read all about it in this multi-part interview that answers the questions I always get asked.   Hope you enjoy the interview.  I’ve enjoyed my career as a pioneer and survivor in this expanding, changing and competitive training industry.  This week I will post the answer to Question # 1: How Did You Get Started?

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