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Rich’s Rules for Achievement # 12 – Be a Mentor

October 13, 2015

Professional 3 3836Would Someone Like You, Mentor Someone Like Me? – Be a Mentor

For any organization, community or nation to stay viable, someone must be grooming tomorrow’s leaders today.  If you are a leader, that someone is you. And your means of doing so is through mentoring.   Being a good mentor doesn’t mean having excessive interaction with your mentee. It doesn’t mean you are to going to get overly involved in his/her affairs. It does mean that you lead by example and are seen as a model of character, credibility, competence and communication.  A mentor teaches by example.

You and the person you mentor can decide what sort of relationship you will create. Remember that there  also people who look to you as a “mentor” without you realizing it. All the more reason to take your role as leader responsibly.

For this reason, Be a Mentor is Rich’s Rule of Achievement # 12.

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