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Take Action! – Rich’s Rules for Achievement # 11

October 6, 2015

Rich's Rules TitlecardReady, Aim, Fire –  Take Action

All of this talk about goals, focus, achievement, results and motivation support one primary goal – taking action.  That’s what you want.  You want to take focused action on your organization’s goals.  You want your employees to take effective action toward that same objective.  You, your board and your followers may all want the same thing, but it will take action to get there.  It won’t happen by itself!

Activity leads to productivity leads to accomplishment leads to results leads to greater enthusiasm and more productivity and new result.  It all rests on activity – which may sound paradoxical but true.

For this reason, Take Action is Rich’s Rule for Achievement # 11.

Points of Consideration

Practice self-motivation or self-coaching

You’ve motivated others, and sometimes you need to motivate yourself.  You’ve directed, inspired, supported, instructed and coached others.   There are times when you also need to be your own best “self-coach.”  Speak to yourself in a positive, present tense manner. Whether it’s a “You can do it” motivational talk or a “Stay focused” directive,” or “You can get through this,” reminder or “You’re smart enough to figure this out,” reassurance – you can, and should be, your own best friend, ally and coach.  If it’s going to be, it’s up to ye!

Recognize the cost and benefits of procrastination

Sometimes you may procrastinate when there’s something you don’t want to do, even though it’s good for you or it needs to be done.  Other times, if you stop and take notice, you are not too enthused about something because it’s no longer interesting, you’ve outgrown your need for it – or it no longer gives you back a return on investment.  A good example would be a fitness program that, at first, you were excited about following, but over time you got in a rut and stopped getting back a good result for your effort.  So, sometimes you have to make a change, shake things up, and keep it interesting.  This can also be true about anything in life.  Sometimes you need to start a new program or create a new strategy or wear a new color.  The point is, sometimes procrastination is something within you telling you it’s time for something new.    The key is understanding when procrastination is negative and when it is a signal worth listening to. You have to be honest with yourself and examine what is slowing you down.

Faith vs. Fear

Whether you’re a religious person or not, you do practice faith.  You practice faith every time you get out of bed, trust your car will start, or expect an employee will do what he or she is supposed to do.  Although these seem like simple, normal day-to-day experiences, you realize that getting out of bed in the morning means you have faith the world will keep spinning for another day.  If you didn’t have faith your car would start you would take a cab or bus to the office. And, if you didn’t have faith in your employees you would be consumed by mistrust and worry all day long.   The point is, there are many larger concerns for which you need to have faith in your role as a leader.  It’s the same workings – you trust, believe and act.  Or, you fear, hesitate and miss opportunity.  Sometimes when you act it backfires. Sometime when you hesitate it turns out to be a good thing.  Overall though, you must have faith enough in your organization, goals, people – and self – to take action on a regular, consistent basis. This will take you where you want to go.

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