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Set Priorities – Rich’s Rules for Achievement # 9

September 20, 2015

Rich's Rules TitlecardWhat’s Important NOW – Set Priorities

In traditional time management thinking, priorities are things which are considered most important.  In the new world, a leader must adjust his or her thinking to the things that are most important NOW, in this moment.  In a larger sense, you know your priorities include personal needs such as health, family, friends and finances. You need to maintain your home, your vehicles, and your assets. Priorities in your professional life include your organization’s goals, profitability, finances, and needs for up-to-date equipment or a well-trained workforce.

While you may have these larger priorities in place, you also know that other things WILL COME UP, and can suddenly become a priority that pushes everything else to the back burner.  An unexpected order from a new client may emerge, calling for immediate action in order to seize opportunity.  A major emergency may hit your community, calling for all hands on deck.  An important member of your team becomes incapacitated or worse, passes away, and others must drop what they doing and step up to fill the void until a replacement can be found.  These are just a few examples of the challenges leaders face day in and day out. Keeping your priorities clear allows you to stay on track in the larger sense of your journey and helps you refocus once the fires have been put out.  Leaders are people who can manage the unexpected, regroup and get back on track.

For this reason, Set Priorities is Rich’s Rule #9.

Points of Consideration

Be aware of what’s most important to you personally

In line with Rich’s Rule on 80/20 thinking, you can easily make a list and prioritize the things in life that are most important to you.  If the most important items on your list are things such as credibility, religious beliefs or political ideology, these can serve as guiding principles.  If the most important things are relationships, your list can reveal those that require your greatest attention.  If personal growth is most important, your list will identify your top goals or, if possessions are important, what items you would like to own.   All of this brings you to the bottom-line point of prioritizing – how will you accomplish your daily, annual or lifetime goals?

Attach time frames to your priorities 

Knowing what’s most important to you will allow you to set goals and attach time frames at which to take aim.  Want to get married?  Set a date and watch how many things show up on your “to-do” radar!  Want to get a degree?  Set a date to enroll – or graduate – and watch what happens in the “to-do” category.   Want to achieve a certain level of personal or professional excellence, in any given endeavor?  Assign some target dates and watch the action steps for your priorities jump out of the woodwork.

Acting on your priorities daily will cultivate habits of achievement 

The magical combination of identifying your priorities and setting dates for achievement brings the steps needed for accomplishment to the forefront.  Getting a degree was just a notion until you set a date to enroll.  And setting that date to enroll was just one thing on one day that led you to your larger goal.   Aim to select important steps from your larger goals and place them on a daily to-do list or monthly calendar to insure you are making progress at fulfilling your dreams!

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