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Wailing & Gnashing on the Campaign Trail – Minute by Minute by Minute, I Keep Holdin’ On

September 17, 2015

Professional 3 3836Two important things that can happen when one is highly visible in the media. First, you get more air time which equals marketing time which puts your face and message in the minds of more people more solidly.  You can achieve top of mind consciousness in a positive way.  The other is the more face time you have with your audience, the more likely you are to misspeak, misstep or make some fatal mistake in judgement or delivery – or simply lose appeal.   Right now Donald Trump is dominating the time in debates and media reports.  And, so far it’s working to his advantage.  But there are more questions in the form of hardballs, curveballs and spitballs coming his way.  Here’s how the on-air minutes played out in last night’s Republican Presidential Debate.

According to NPR’s “It’s All Politics,” Trump got the most minutes in last night’s debate and the first debate.  Here in order, were the top time takers:

Trump: 18:47

Bush: 15:48

Fiorina: 13:30

Carson: 12:56

Christie: 12:36

Rubio: 11:21

Cruz: 10:45

Paul: 10:28

Kasich: 9:44

Huckabee: 9:20

Walker: 8:29

The earlier, 6 p.m. debate tally:

Graham: 19:47

Santorum: 15:38

Jindal: 13:06

Pataki: 10:58

Here’s a link to the NPR report for more information:

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