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Planning IS Profitable – Rich’s Rules for Achievement # 8

September 15, 2015

Rich's Rules TitlecardInvesting Time to Save or Make Time – Planning is Profitable

Studies show that investing time on planning is likely to save or make you time when it comes to executing your plan.  You’ve heard the saying, “Plan your work and work your plan.”  Taking time up front to lay out a plan will allow you to take action with fewer encumbrances, such as overlooked steps, manpower needs and financial resources required for the mission.

Some people are very action-oriented.  They want results.  Others are spontaneous and jump into activities.  Some are too busy to plan.  They are so busy going around in circles with today’s challenges, they have no time to consider tomorrow.  And, as mentioned previously, some are very detailed planners but have a hard time executing due to analysis paralysis. Leaders who achieve more are leaders who make plans for the future.

For this reason, Planning is Profitable is Rich’s Rule # 8.

Points of Consideration

Make strategic long term plans

It took a while for mankind to get to the moon.  It’s a long way from Earth!    You can be sure that many plans for that objective failed along the way, and that the plan that put astronauts on the moon was a masterpiece, in light of human history.  Some of your long range plans may be a long way off.   From getting your products and services profitable to becoming a market leader; from starting a congregation to becoming a mega-church; from fighting for people’s rights to creating a national or global initiative.   Most leaders have a goal, dream or idea of what they would like to achieve.  You start with the first steps – and you imagine all the steps that will take you to your dream.  A strategic long term plan lays out the steps to get you where you want to go.

Make mid-range plans to support your strategic plan

To get to where you want to go in the future, there are certain things that need to happen this quarter, and the next one, and the next one – until you achieve arrival.  Having quarterly goals or targets gives you and your followers something more immediate at which to take aim.  It’s important to understand that the mind is target-seeking – and giving people clear and achievable – even if challenging – goals can bring out the best in them.  Sometimes is also brings out the worst in people or it reveals shortcomings in the plan, but those are all to be expected as you deal with player and plan issues in pursuit of a goal.

Use daily lists and, weekly/monthly planning to achieve steps and create momentum

There are several reasons effective people use a to-do list.  One reason is that it helps keep a focus on immediate goals and uses time and energy efficiently. A short, manageable to-do list activates your target-seeking mind within reasonable parameters, i.e., “I’m going to accomplish these eight things today because they need to be done first and foremost before I consider what needs to be done next.” , Making to-do lists offers  a sense of gratification, motivation and momentum. .  Like any practice, however, it can become overdone.  You may have a long “running list” but don’t use it as a daily list – that’s too much for your mind in terms of focus.  Take items from the running list and put them on a daily list.  There’s always more “to do” tomorrow.  You can organize your running list under larger categories, assign general dates for accomplishment and use this tool as a weekly or monthly plan. Your target-seeking mind can work better with a short, focused daily list.

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