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10,000 Mani-ants – Be THAT Ant!

September 2, 2015

Professional 3 3836Arriving home after a long trip, my wife and I headed for the bedroom to crash. Along the way, I looked down and found myself surrounded by ants. Instead of napping, we had to fight the empire of ants that had taken over our house in only three days time.  I’d never seen an ant in our house previously.  Now there seemed to be thousands.

A pest control professional came the next morning.  He explained how a single ant will locate a food source, chow down, and then leave a trail  marking the way back to the feasting grounds for the rest of the colony.  Evidently a single ant came in under the door, journeyed across the hallway and up a wall and across a landing to dine on my favorite plant.  Not sure how he was attracted to it, but he soon blazed a trail that led others – many others – to the same location.

This reminded me of my favorite leadership book in recent years, Naturally Selected – The Evolutionary Science of Leadership by Mark van Vugt, PhD & Anjana Ahuja.   It hearkens back to a time when humans traveled in small bands and each member would lead out in an area where he or she excelled.  Those with foraging or hunting skills found food; those with fighting skills planned attacks or battles with adversaries; those with a knack for finding the watering hole took charge in that arena.  And, you had to get along with each other.  If you were not a good fit, the band might pack up in the middle of the night and leave you next to the watering hole for the tigers to find for breakfast!

Understand your talent.  Express your skills.  Use your expertise to make a contribution.  Practically everyone can lead, shine or be respected for what they bring to the table.  Or like THIS ant, bringing everyone to the table.  Be THAT ant!

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