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Wailing and Gnashing on the Campaign Trail – Giving Hillary Credit, When She’s Losing Credibility

August 28, 2015

Professional 3 3836Even some of Hillary Clinton’s worst critics gave her credit this week for coming across as sincere when talking about her current email account mess.  And, best of all, she appeared elegant and professional in her white suit – having dropped the Teletubby look for a more sophisticated one.   Still, however, she is fighting a battle for credibility and trust with followers and voters from her own party.

From a leadership communication perspective (apart from policy) the absolute bottom line is TRUST. Trust is associated with ethics, integrity, morality and credibility with others.

Polls indicate the 2016 presidential campaign’s leading candidate, so far, is facing a decrease in perceived trust from, not only the general public, but Democrats as well.  Trust, more than anything, influences how people interpret the words that come out of your mouth.

Here’s how it works.  When people trust you, they will believe you, vote for you and follow you – perhaps even when they shouldn’t.   When people don’t trust you they won’t believe what you say, are unlikely to vote for you or follow you – perhaps even when they should.

It goes to show you can have more money, recognition and experience than your contenders, but if you lose the credibility or “credit” that comes from trust the rest doesn’t matter so much.

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