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Get in the Zone – Rich’s Rules for Achievement # 6

August 25, 2015

Rich's Rules TitlecardMove from Rigid to Fluid – Get in the Zone

There’s a point at which highly productive people can go from being in a groove to getting in a rut, where the individual becomes rigid and loses fluidity or flow. While being good with “intelligent” time management principles like setting goals, prioritizing, scheduling time and keeping a neat, orderly workplace are essential, having the ability to function intuitively by getting in the flow or zone can greatly enhance your performance.

Either before or after you hit the wall or run into a roadblock, it can be useful to stop, take a deep breath, relax, and get back in the moment, refocus and restart.  A good mantra for this practice is “Nice and easy, nice and slow.  Stay in the moment, stay in the flow.”

Getting into the flow, zone, groove usually starts by getting in the “moment” and then proceeding forward at a pace that is neither rushed nor lethargic.  You know when you’re not in the zone – when things aren’t working correctly.  Pay attention also to when you are in the zone and things are working optimally – and how you got to that place of optimal experience.

Flow can be your constant companion and help you achieve more magically and enjoyably.

For this reason, Get in the Zone is Rich’s Rule of Achievement # 6.

Points to Consider

Let intuition, rather than intellect, guide you

Your intellect is what has helped you set goals, lay out the steps to reach those goals, consider the needed resources, determine manpower needs and estimate costs.  And all of those steps are essential for business.  There are times, however, when you need to rely on your intuition.  Times when you need to trust your gut, listen to that little voice in the back of your mind that’s telling you something or follow a signal you see in an inner vision.  If you are uncomfortable with using this ability, practice on weekends or holidays or vacations.  Drop the day planner and to do list and “go off road.”  If you pay attention to HOW your intuition usually speaks to you, or how each of these three types of intuitive messages come to you, you can then spend your day following these cues and clues and, most likely, experience a whole new intuitive way of being.

Watch for meaningful coincidences

As you go through your day following your intuition, watch for coincidences that come your way.  Often, when you are seeking something, it also begins to seek you – to meet you half-way.  This is usually referred to as the Law of Attraction and it is particularly evident with people who have strong goals, dreams, or desires. The Law of Attraction often plays out through meaningful or fitting coincidences that arise during your day as you follow the intuitive path.  Some days you will discover everything you need and everyone you need to meet is somewhere along your intuitive path.  And, eventually, if you become a flow or zone master, this will be the case every day.

Appreciate, in retrospect, how intuition and flow have benefited you

Many of the biggest and most important things in your life have come about through a meaningful coincidence (intuitive) rather than through careful planning (intellect). Think about how you met your spouse or significant other.  Coincidence or planning?  Think about the house you bought or the car you drove.  Intuitive flash or careful, cautious analysis?  Or both?  Intuition and intellect are not mutually exclusive.  You could be inspired to buy a house when you first see it (intuitive,) but then still handle your due diligence by figuring out the best way to finance the purchase (intelligent).  Or, you could carefully, methodically research homes until you identify one that makes sense to buy, but a flash of insight gives you a brilliant idea about how to make the purchase.

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