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Rich’s Rules for Achievement # 6 – Get in the Zone

August 25, 2015

Professional 3 3836Move from Rigid to Fluid – Get in the Zone

There’s a point at which highly productive people can go from being in a groove to getting in a rut, where the individual becomes rigid and loses fluidity or flow. While being good with “intelligent” time management principles like setting goals, prioritizing, scheduling time and keeping a neat, orderly workplace are essential, having the ability to function intuitively by getting in the flow or zone can greatly enhance your performance.

Either before or after you hit the wall or run into a roadblock, it can be useful to stop, take a deep breath, relax, and get back in the moment, refocus and restart.  A good mantra for this practice is “Nice and easy, nice and slow.  Stay in the moment, stay in the flow.”

Getting into the flow, zone, groove usually starts by getting in the “moment” and then proceeding forward at a pace that is neither rushed nor lethargic.  You know when you’re not in the zone – when things aren’t working correctly.  Pay attention also to when you are in the zone and things are working optimally – and how you got to that place of optimal experience.

Flow can be your constant companion and help you achieve more magically and enjoyably.

For this reason, Get in the Zone is Rich’s Rule of Achievement # 6.


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