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Republican Candidate Debate – The Headliner

August 7, 2015

Professional 3 3836The purpose of my post is not to name a debate “winner,” but rather to “technically” score each person based on his or her communication skills in this type of environment and through the TV lens.  It was hard to be objective, especially if one of my favorites didn’t do as well as others, or if someone who wouldn’t be my choice as a candidate communicated extremely well.  But I worked to be as objective as possible.

During my many years of working with leaders on camera I’ve come up with ways to rate performance.  I listened to, observed and scored each one based on how well he or she delivered a matched non-verbal, vocal and verbal message that was credible, believable and understandable.   I gave a little more than usual emphasis to the verbal component because, ultimately, each will be held accountable for his words.

Given these people are all excellent, highly experienced communicators, here’s how I scored them on a scale of 1-10, with 10 highest:

  1. Huckabee = 9.75
  2. Cruz = 9.6
  3. Rubio = 9.5
  4. Christie, Trump and Paul = 9.3
  5. Bush = 9.1
  6. Walker and Kasich = 9
  7. Carson = 8.7

I think Huckabee and Cruz make better evangelists, but respect their choice to serve in politics.  Donald Trump would’ve scored higher, but he looks angry and unreasonable when he gets wound up and turns red.  Carson said some amazing things that I didn’t expect to come out of his mouth – but lost points on his overall congruence.  Paul was stronger in this setting than I expected. My guess is that Bush will come out looking the best of the bunch after tonight – perhaps along with Rubio.

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