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Trump Won’t Last…Unless

August 6, 2015

Professional 3 3836Donald Trump needs to show some diplomatic skills, a.k.a. playing well with others, or he won’t last at the top of the polls in this race.  Although it’s not the “end all” of skill sets, it is an essential step in one’s leadership development, especially in politics. Given all his negotiations with governing bodies in relation to his real estate empire, I can’t imagine him NOT having diplomatic skills.  But we’ve not witnessed them so much in this race.

Despite the current buzz for his straight forward, “tell it like it is” style, Americans will ultimately lean towards someone they feel can communicate well with foreign leaders and collaborate with congress.  Eventually citizens will be concerned with his dictatorial vs. diplomatic tendencies.

The business world and political world are two very different cultures.  And if you didn’t grow up in the culture, and don’t know the ways, you’re in for a big unpleasant surprise.  A business CEO gives directions to executives who pass it on to managers who give instructions to front line supervisors who work to keep employees productive.  It’s all very linear.  A politician steps into the ring with both allies and opponents under the banner of government and must finesse compromises and agreements that hopefully end up having some value.  The communication is, if not circular, definitely not linear.   Things simply don’t get done in the same way in both worlds.

FYI: You can find all kinds of articles on the internet about how there have been few businessmen who have become president, and there has never been a successful businessman who became a successful president.

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