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Focus is the Key – Rich’s Rules for Achievement # 4

August 4, 2015

Rich's Rules TitlecardTaking Aim – Focus is the Key

Focus is your ability to stay on task despite distractions.  To stay the course despite disruptions.   Focus is the key to getting results.  The more you stay focused the more likely you are to achieve your goal in a timely manner.  Without focus you may never arrive at your desired destination.   Let neither distractions, interruptions, breakdowns or bad days keep you from the promised-land.  When you get knocked down, get back up, shake yourself off and get refocused.

In this day and age, more than ever before, you are faced with constant distractions, interruptions and temptations.  Some of the obvious ones are: unimportant emails, people intruding on your time for no good reason and a virtual world that offers so many more opportunities for you to do so many more things today, for better or worse, such as investigate a subject spontaneously, plan trips, play games, go shopping, continue your education or participate in social media.

First you break concentration.  Then you lose focus.  Next thing you know you’re way off the beaten path and have wasted valuable time, energy and money.

For this reason, Focus is the Key  is Rich’s Rule of Achievement # 4

Points of consideration

Sometimes you need to concentrate

Concentration means staying on task without interruption.  You are fixated on the task at hand and determined to complete it before coming up for air.  Certain jobs, tasks and activities require focus.  Accounting, especially on payroll day, is an example. Being an air traffic controller or a surgeon certainly requires concentration.  Listening to an important lecture or taking a critical test may also require concentration.

Sometimes you need to play

It’s useful to focus on achieving your goals, and sometimes you must concentrate on a particular task to completion.  Other times, however, you just need to play.  Go with the flow or bend with the breeze. Often, during play time, your mind will wander to new and better ideas or stumble across something ingenious.  And, other times, it will just allow you to fully have fun!   Play is a healthy part of life and can enhance your ability to focus and concentrate on other things when fitting.

For achievement, however, you need to focus

Focus is the key to achievement.  It is your ability to move towards your goal and make progress DESPITE interruptions. If you are always concentrating on the task at hand without looking onward and upward to your destination, or if you have lost sight of the big picture, you are less likely to achieve your aim in a timely manner.  If you choose to play all the time you won’t get much done either.  There’s a time to concentrate, a time to play and, most definitely a time to FOCUS.  Because if you break focus, you will need to spend time to ramp things up again. That is why guarding your time and staying focused is an important time management habit to develop.

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