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To Get Results!- Rich’s Rules for Achievement # 2

July 22, 2015

Rich's Rules Titlecard(Why) You Are Here – To Get Results!

The leadership job is not for everyone.  And for those who step into the role, it usually only lasts as long as he or she gets results.  Face it – you were hired or promoted into your leadership position to get results.  You are here to “deliver the goods.”

It may be that you are not cut out for leadership – maybe you are better at following and helping make things happen than being at the helm.  That is still an extremely valuable quality.

Perhaps you just need some maturity that will come from experience and education, trial and error.  Or perhaps you and your current industry or organization are not a good match – but it’s just  a matter of time before you find a situation in which you can lead, make a difference and get the results expected..

For this reason, To Get Results is Rich’s Rule for Achievement #2.

Points of Consideration

Some people are naturally inclined towards setting goals and achieving results

In the world of personality styles, Dominant types are usually described as doers, demanding and decisive.  If you are one of these outgoing and goal-oriented types, you have a natural drive towards achieving results.  This is your motivation.  It’s what “floats your boat.”  In this case, you probably can’t help yourself.  And, it’s likely you will gravitate towards positions that allow you to express this primary element of who you are as a person.  Many leaders have a degree of dominance in their personality makeup.  They are the hard- charging leaders who aim to achieve great things and never settle for less.

Some people are stronger at analysis and planning than executing 

Another type is the Analytical person.  These logical types are cautious, calculating and competent. If you are one of these task and detail-oriented types, you probably have a natural ability to size up a problem or situation, and can easily outline an approach for solving the issue or approaching the situation.  It’s like a chess game for you. The key questions you face have do with taking action.  Some people with this style get analysis paralysis.  Good at planning, but not at knowing when or how to execute.  If this sounds like you, make it a point to work on decisiveness.  Move past hesitation by learning to be as much of a doer as you are a planner.  Get out of your comfort zone.  Learn to take calculated risks and accept that sometimes your initiatives will fail.

Some are naturally wired towards people, teamwork and helping others achieve goals

Perhaps you are a People person.  You are either an outgoing, spontaneous, inspiring type or a supportive individual who brings warmth, helpfulness and stability to the workplace.   You are all about people and/or teamwork.  At the same time, you are more comfortable with others taking the lead, calling the shots and feeling the heat.  Perhaps, like many “servant leaders”, you have chosen to override your natural wiring and have stepped up to serve as a leader in a cause or purpose that’s vitally important to you and others.  If so, congratulations – but you are still expected to get results.  It may be time to work on your assertiveness and decisiveness.  You can do it!

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