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You Need A Vision – Rich’s Rules for Achievement # 1

July 16, 2015

Rich's Rules TitlecardFlourish or perish – You Need a Vision!

There’s an ancient saying that people perish without a vision. Whether it’s an individual needing something to look forward to, or a sports team with high hopes for a championship season or an organization with an inspiring mission – having a vision provides a point of focus at which participants can take aim.

A vision energizes and mobilizes people.  It raises expectations and brings out the best in employees.  It unites followers in a common cause.  It rallies the troops for long marches, unavoidable battles and ultimately, victory.

For this reason, You Need a Vision is Rich’s Rule of Achievement # 1.

Points of consideration

Some people have a visionary side of them and some don’t 

Some people are able to understand a vision, or be visionary but require others to carry out the goal.  Others who are not visionary but are capable can lead followers to a prescribed goal.  Whether it’s your vision or someone else’s, having one in place gives you and your followers something worthwhile at which to take aim and collaborate. Lots of smart, talented people can be united and employed under the banner of a great vision.

A vision can be inspired

Sometimes a vision comes from an individual’s intuition or perhaps even from the collective intuition of a group seeking an answer to a question or solution to a problem.  Something inspired often arrives in a flash or brilliance.  In an “ah-ha” moment….when the light bulb goes on.

A vision can be contrived and calculated

Sometimes a vision is created based on intelligence and calculations about emerging trends, people’s wants and needs or expected marketplace demands.  This kind of creativity is usually contrived more through intelligent thinking than intuitive feelings, but it can still get people excited and on board as a worthwhile objective.

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