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Rich’s Rule of Engagement # 13 – Practice Damage Control

July 7, 2015

Rich's Rules TitlecardDealing with Dirt – Practice Damage Control

Leadership is a dirty business.  You need to have the spine and stomach for it.  Sometimes you will need to deal with personal dirt. And that dirt may or may not be true. But, once it finds its way into the grapevine or onto a headline you will be perceived in negative ways by at least some of your constituents.

Someday you may have to deal with a major crisis that involves your organization or products or services.  Perhaps there is a scandal involving illegal activity.  Or your product needs a recall.  Or a service you provide is doing more harm than good, in ways that were unanticipated.  Or perhaps someone has said something that offends a particular segment of society.  And now that segment is reacting publicly and negatively.

In your role as a leader there are times when you have to face the music, face potential disaster – and probably have to face the news cameras.  At those times you must be ready to deal with the dirt.

For this reason, Practice Damage Control is Rich’s Rule of Engagement # 13.

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