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Rich’s Rule of Engagement # 12 – Show Discernment

June 24, 2015

Rich's Rules TitlecardDon’t Get Trapped – Show Discernment

Sometimes your leadership journey may seem like a fairy tale.  Sometimes it may seem like a thriller, and other times like a horror story.  You will encounter many interesting people and unusual situations.  Somewhere along the way you may reach a point where nothing surprises you anymore.  From saints to sociopaths and from victory to defeat, the parameters are broad, high and deep.

In addition to the rules of engagement there is something extra you will need – discernment, or the ability to grasp and comprehend what may seem obscure. Discernment is essential to your success and survival as a leader.

Discernment allows you to make good judgments as you live in an anticipatory state. You need to be like a chess master who plays his piece with thoughts of three moves ahead. Or the tennis pro who waits for the serve and has three possible moves planned in response – depending on how the server places the ball. You must always be observing the landscape: the players, the game, and the rules. What is your best move in any situation? When is the best defense a good offense? These are the decisions that fall on the shoulders of leaders and will determine your success in your position.

For this reason, Show Discernment is Rich’s Rule of Engagement # 12.   

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