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Rich’s Rule of Engagement # 11 – Master Word Selection

June 17, 2015

Rich's Rules TitlecardEffectively Speaking – Master Word Selection

Your first impression is made up of the following ingredients:

  • Non-Verbal 50% (Body Language and Facial Expressions)
  • Vocal 40% (Vocal Tone & Projection)
  • Verbal 10% (The Words You Speak)

During the first impressions phase people will notice what you say much less than how you say it through your body language or tone and projection of voice.  Eventually, however, your words will make up much more than 10% of the equation.  Sometimes the one thing you said – or time you misspoke – is the only thing people will remember and may haunt you forever. Your words will be closely scrutinized and score or lose you points in challenging leadership situations such as breaking the ice, inspiring change, resolving conflict or negotiating a deal.   As a leader, it’s essential that you become highly skilled with verbal selection and delivery.

History and evolution show that communication – especially verbal ability – is the most important skill a leader can possess.

For this reason Master Word Selection is Rich’s Rule of Engagement # 11. 

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