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Rich’s Rule of Engagement # 5 – Send a Matched Vs. Mixed Message

April 15, 2015

Rich's Rules TitlecardYou Must Be Perceived Favorably – Send a Matched Vs. Mixed Message

A good checklist to review before appearing in front of your followers – or any audience – is A.D.E.P.T.  This acronym stands for Attitude, Dress, Expressions, Poise and Tone.  These are the means through which you express yourself and by which others judge you favorably – or not so much.    At the core of your image is your ability to manage a matched message between these three elements (and the situation in which you find your self):

  •  Body language and facial expressions  (How you carry your self)
  • Voice (How you sound)
  • Words (What comes out of your mouth)

When these three items match up, or are congruent, you are perceived at your most credible, believable and understandable.  If any one of these is out of whack it takes points away from your message – by creating a lack of understanding, believability or credibility.  This is the price for sending a mixed message.

For this reason Send a Matched Vs. Mixed Message is Rich’s Rule of Engagement # 5.

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