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Personal Motivation & Professional Relevance, Part 3

April 6, 2015

SDS presentation-creationProfessional Relevance       

Staying relevant in this day and age has become a full-time job.  Because technology is constantly evolving and it touches every area of your life it is essential that you learn to think and act in new ways in several arenas.  And, as a leader, it’s important for you to stay relevant in relation to your position.

Know Your Self

By participating in this series you’ve probably learned many important things about yourself.  What you know about self gives you a good frame of reference from which to plan, act and improve.  Some of the key areas of self-knowledge forming that frame of reference are:

Personality & Preferences

Knowing your behavioral style and which things come easily for your or which take more effort gives you an idea of where to best focus your talent or self-improvement energies.

History: Past, Present & Future

What have you learned about yourself from personal history?  What are your patterns?  What motivates you the most?  What is your style when it comes to taking action?  What wisdom can you draw from that history?

Education, Experience & Expertise

Having an appreciation for what you have learned, applied and become highly skilled can give you the confidence you need to pursue what comes next on your professional path.  In the same way you studied, practiced and became proficient at a vocation, you can become more competent as a leader.

Limitations & Potential

Knowing your real vs. perceived limitations gives you an understanding of what realistic goals to set for your life.  You may not be built for a particular sport or adept with computer technology, but you may have a real gift for leading, coaching and inspiring others.  Go with your strengths.  Work on limitations that are worth improving.  Otherwise, team up with others who have skills you don’t possess.

Practice Ongoing Self Development

Personal growth and leadership development go hand in hand.  If you are growing as a person you are probably adding skills and abilities that will enhance your leadership capacity.  Some of the ways you can continue your development include:

  • Reading Books & Articles
  • Listening To or Viewing Recordings
  • Taking Educational Courses
  • Participating in Training
  • Keeping a Leadership Journal
  • Finding a Mentor or Coach
  • Using Self Coaching Techniques

Manage Your Virtual Presence   

One area that remains new territory for most professionals is the development and management of an online or virtual presence.  In this information age data can work for you or against you.  It is likely, however, that your data will continue to create an online impression that represents you in the virtual world.   Now would be a good time to consider how you want to be represented, going forward, in any of these domains:

  • Website
  • Email
  • Text
  • Blog
  • Social Media

Five Rules for Leadership Relevance Today

As a parting note, here are five rules the author feels are important for you to embrace in this present day and age of leadership:

  • Lead by Example
  • Communicate Effectively
  • Make More Allies than Enemies
  • Guard Your Credibility
  • Stay Relevant!

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Drinon Leadership Express

Resources & Recommended Reading

  •  Émile Coué – Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion (1922)
  • Shad Helmstetter – What to Say When You Talk to Yourself (1982)
  • Shakti Gawain – Creative Visualization (1978)
  • Bob Proctor – You Were Born Rich (1997)
  • John T. Molloy – How to Work the Competition into the Ground and Have Fun Doing It (1987)
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