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Rich’s Rule of Engagement # 4 – Influence Is A Two-Way Street

February 24, 2015

Rich's Rules TitlecardLook Both Ways – Influence is a Two-Way Street

Sometimes influence is mutually beneficial – creating “give and take” between a leader and follower.  Other times it is manipulative as in when one is “used,” “played” or “set up.”   It’s important to recognize that influence is often – if not always – at work, and that others are working you at the same time you are working them.

There are many forms of influence.   Sometimes those forms are as basic as the three building blocks of communication:

  • How one uses body language and facial expressions
  •  How one inflects tone of voice
  •  How one selects his or her words

Other forms are more complex and associated with purpose, power or hidden motives.

A leader must be aware of the sources, presence, movement and direction of influence.

For this reason, Influence is a Two-Way Street is Rich’s Rule of Engagement # 4.

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