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A Most Pervasive Element – Rich’s Rule # 8

December 16, 2014

Rich's Rules TitlecardA Most Pervasive Element – Use Power Wisely

Sometimes you will have power over others.  Other times, power with others.  Sometimes you may have to use power despite others.  And, ideally as a leader, you want to express power through others.

It’s helpful to recognize that power is – like the air we breathe – everywhere.  Understanding the sources or forms of power available to you is helpful.  Here are just a few:

  • The Power that you have OVER others due to Title, Status or Position
  • The Leverage provided by Policy & Procedures
  • The Two Way Street of Influence that comes with Relationships
  • The Power you have With others that comes from Integrity and Credibility
  • The Power you have from being Well Known, Popular or Highly Recognizable
  • The Power you have THROUGH others via Delegation.

You might enjoy reading Robert Green’s book The 48 Laws of Power.

I’ve chosen Use Power Wisely! as Rich’s Rule # 8

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