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Some People Need Some Convincing – Rich’s Rule # 13

December 9, 2014

Be Persuasive!

Getting people on board with any given objective is one of the primary responsibilities and challenges you face as a leader.  In other words, you must persuade people to follow your lead.  Leaders employ different forms of persuasion, including:

  • Manipulation – Pushing people’s emotional buttons for one’s self interests.
  • Coercion Twisting people’s arms for one’s self interests.
  • Persuasion – Helping the person see how something is (ideally) in his or her and other constituents’ best interest.

Most of the time, people will step up, get on board or follow your lead if they feel it’s in their best interest.  Those interests are generally driven by two basic human motivators – fear of loss and opportunity for gain.  It’s prudent for you to keep this in mind as you work to persuade others to collaborate in pursuit of a worthwhile objective.

For this reason I’ve chosen Be Persuasive as Rich’s Rule # 13


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