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The Essential Human Relations Skill – Rich’s Rule # 9

November 4, 2014

Rich's Rules TitlecardThe Essential Human Relations Skill – Show Empathy

Although there aren’t a lot of studies verifying the connection between leadership and E.I. or Emotional Intelligence – common sense tells you that people’s feelings, cares and concerns have a lot to do with how they perform in the workplace, get along with others and react or respond to you as their boss.

For many Aggressive or Analytic types of leaders, making the journey from a full-time focus on goals, tasks and facts to one that includes people, relationships and feelings can be both arduous and rewarding.

Here are four ideas that can help you along the way:

  • Think about walking in another’s shoes.
  • Aim to see life through another’s eyes.
  • Imagine experiencing life through another’s skin.
  • Remember a time when you had a similar situation.

Empathy is essential!

For this reason I’ve chosen Show Empathy as Rich’s Rule # 9

Click for info on Part 1 of Rich’s Rules Video Series


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