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Relating to Power, Process and People Types

April 17, 2014

There are many tools on the market that identify various behavioral styles. Behavioral style can include how you naturally relate to others, as well as any learned behaviors you’ve developed over time. The following approach to various styles is a hybrid of several complimentary views. I refer to these three as Power, Process and People types.

While each person is a blend of the three styles, each usually has a strong suit; one style that is stronger than the other two. Some are more attuned to Power, some to Process and some to People. It’s important to understand your own style, and then to learn and speak the language of the other two styles. This allows you a broader reach and greater effectiveness with people. It’s one more way of building rapport and successfully connecting with others.

Power types need to win, to be right and to be respected. They are dominant or aggressive in their style. Process types need facts, information or details. They are more detached or analytical in their style. People types need warmth, interaction and to be liked. They are more dependent and amiable in their style.

With Power types it’s best to communicate in a direct, bottom line, to-the-point manner. Process types want you to convey information in a factual, detailed and less emotional way. With People types you must express warmth and friendliness when delivering your message.

With Power types you must be FIRM. With Process types you want to be FACTUAL. With People types you must be FRIENDLY

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