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Dishonesty on Behavioral Style Profiles?

September 18, 2013

Do you think people “cheat” or intentionally pick answers on behavioral style assessments that portray them in a certain light?

A friend who does training with the DISC Behavioral Style Assessments told me results are most accurate the first time the person takes the assessment.  Subsequent takes tend to be manipulated.

My own observation, from giving assessments – which are promoted as highly accurate and reliable – is that people taking it the second time tend towards “dominant” style responses.  Others, who  seemed to have answered less than honestly, end up with Dominant showing as their primary style, with their true primary style showing second in strength.  In these cases, I flip the results in my own communication with them.

Bottom line, I think many “leaders” either long to act with more dominance or think they need to appear to have more of that behavioral style.

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