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The Big Bang School of Leadership

March 15, 2013

Anyone who watches The Big Bang Theory knows that Sheldon Cooper, Ph.D., the brilliant egotistical physicists is the undisputed “leader” of the pack. Sheldon brings an ancient but refreshing slant on following the rules, relating to other humans and being oneself.

One might find Sheldon to be over-analytical (which he is) because of his insistence on always following the rules, especially those found in “The Roommate Agreement.” The agreement pertains to the apartment he shares with Leonard Hofstadter, Ph.D.

Leonard can’t win because whoever wrote the agreement thought of everything.  And guess who wrote the agreement? Sheldon, of course. Talk about controlling! Sheldon appears capable of writing new rules for humanity, which might frighten anyone who fears a totalitarian regime where the Geek Squad drives around taking names and leaving a trail of bodies instead of fixing computers purchased at Best Buy.

Like many modern day leaders, however, Sheldon will comply with Social Convention. When all else fails, and Sheldon has them in a box, the other Big Bang characters know his weakness – an adherence to social convention. Play that card and he folds like an amateur. It seems that Sheldon WILL play with others if he must.

What I like best about Sheldon, however, is that he’s not that hard to figure out. He’s a super-genius and complicated on many levels. But, he’s always himself, you always know where he stands on a subject and he never fails to tell others.

This flies in the face of modern day leadership training and thinking. We’re taught to find ways to relate to other personality types, how to develop our human relation skills to better accommodate others and – primarily – not to be an autocrat.

That’s why it’s so refreshing to see Sheldon in action. At least sometimes – wouldn’t it be great to follow a leader who told you like it is? How about a leader who didn’t pander to your behavioral style? Or a leader with whom you always knew where they stood – and you stood?

Dr. Cooper rules!

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