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The External vs. Internal Guide

February 5, 2013

This week we worked on coaching skills in my training sessions. I told a few frustrated participants that many of their employees rely on them for instruction as well as external motivation and correction or, in a word, guidance. All people need to have an external guide in various areas of life until maturing to the place where they can take responsibility for their actions and be accountable for outcomes. At that point, the individual’s inner-guide takes over the job of directing, motivating, working, fixing and accomplishing.

There is, of course, always a time at which one decides whether an employee is going to be able and willing to do a job. If they don’t prove up to the task we may need to let them go. If they seem able and willing, and remain teachable, we may choose to persist until they become capable and develop their inner-guide in that particular area.

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