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Personal Consciousness & Leadership Maturity

January 16, 2013

In The Congruent Leader, Corrales & Rhodes (2001) identify three levels of personal growth as follows:

• At the Emotional development stage one is concerned with self – “it’s all about me” – and the individual reacts towards things he or she doesn’t like.

• From the Rational growth stage life is about “me and you.” At this level the individual recognizes the other’s value and responds rather than reacting to life’s challenges.

• At the higher, Integral, stage of maturity, the leader sees things as being about “all of us” and becomes proactive. From this level the individual takes a higher, inclusive, long term look at his or her world, industry, organization, followers, families and community.

Although you can’t always make yourself grow, you can take aim at higher perspectives and work on developing your behaviors until you achieve a new level. Even then, as most developed humans know, you can still react in an emotional manner or get stuck in rational routines during times of stress and upheaval. The main thing is to keep moving upward and onward in your conscious development.

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