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Why Are You Here?

December 19, 2012

Despite the unceasing movement of people, tasks, changes and decisions, it’s helpful to stop, reflect and refocus your efforts.  Why are you here?  You’re here to get results…period!

You might feel you are here because your family owns the business.  You might think you’re just getting paid to babysit.  Or, you might feel that your job is putting out fires all day long.  And, in fact, each of these things may be true to some degree.  But the reason you are in your position, babysitting employees and putting out fires is in order to get results.  That’s your job.  If you get results, you get to keep your job.  If you don’t, good luck!

You’re also here because of your capabilities – real or perceived.  But, it’s only because your board, boss or constituency has bet on your ability to get results.  In the mind of others, your capabilities add up to results.  The great thing about capabilities is that if you don’t get the desired results, and you lose your position, you can take your skills with you.  Or, if you do get the desired results your abilities are now worth more – perhaps somewhere else!

Another reason you may be here is your potential.  Potential is untapped, unproven capability.   Perhaps someone is placing a bet on your perceived potential; that you will become a capable leader who can – guess what?  Get results!

There may be other reasons why you’re in this current leadership position.  But, whatever they are, you probably won’t be here long if you don’t get results.

Why are you here?  Repeat after me… get results!

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