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Take Action! – Rich’s Rules for Achievement # 11

If it’s going to be, it’s up to ye!

Rich Drinon Leadership Communication

Rich's Rules TitlecardReady, Aim, Fire –  Take Action

All of this talk about goals, focus, achievement, results and motivation support one primary goal – taking action.  That’s what you want.  You want to take focused action on your organization’s goals.  You want your employees to take effective action toward that same objective.  You, your board and your followers may all want the same thing, but it will take action to get there.  It won’t happen by itself!

Activity leads to productivity leads to accomplishment leads to results leads to greater enthusiasm and more productivity and new result.  It all rests on activity – which may sound paradoxical but true.

For this reason, Take Action is Rich’s Rule for Achievement # 11.

Points of Consideration

Practice self-motivation or self-coaching

You’ve motivated others, and sometimes you need to motivate yourself.  You’ve directed, inspired, supported, instructed and coached others.   There are times when you…

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Patience, Persistence and Perseverance – Rich’s Rules for Achievement # 10

These three kings…

Rich Drinon Leadership Communication

Rich's Rules TitlecardThe Triplets of Success – Patience, Persistence and Perseverance

Starting anything new can be a challenge.  This is also true of stepping up to leadership.  Whether you begin as a front line supervisor, or a team manager or are suddenly thrust into a place of senior leadership, there are many challenges you will face on your journey as a leader.

Most of the challenges you face can be listed under two categories – Results and Relationships. Achieving the results expected by your board of directors according to your strategic plan requires keeping people on track over an extended period of time.  And keeping people on track requires an ability to help them learn, achieve and recover from mistakes.  You do this most effectively when you have cultivated healthy relationships.

Managing results and relationships takes patience and persistence.  These have been referred to as the “twins of success.” Your ability to…

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Set Priorities – Rich’s Rules for Achievement # 9

This comes first, that comes next and those come later…

Rich Drinon Leadership Communication

Rich's Rules TitlecardWhat’s Important NOW – Set Priorities

In traditional time management thinking, priorities are things which are considered most important.  In the new world, a leader must adjust his or her thinking to the things that are most important NOW, in this moment.  In a larger sense, you know your priorities include personal needs such as health, family, friends and finances. You need to maintain your home, your vehicles, and your assets. Priorities in your professional life include your organization’s goals, profitability, finances, and needs for up-to-date equipment or a well-trained workforce.

While you may have these larger priorities in place, you also know that other things WILL COME UP, and can suddenly become a priority that pushes everything else to the back burner.  An unexpected order from a new client may emerge, calling for immediate action in order to seize opportunity.  A major emergency may hit your community, calling for…

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Planning IS Profitable – Rich’s Rules for Achievement # 8

Time Invested = Time Returned, and then some…

Rich Drinon Leadership Communication

Rich's Rules TitlecardInvesting Time to Save or Make Time – Planning is Profitable

Studies show that investing time on planning is likely to save or make you time when it comes to executing your plan.  You’ve heard the saying, “Plan your work and work your plan.”  Taking time up front to lay out a plan will allow you to take action with fewer encumbrances, such as overlooked steps, manpower needs and financial resources required for the mission.

Some people are very action-oriented.  They want results.  Others are spontaneous and jump into activities.  Some are too busy to plan.  They are so busy going around in circles with today’s challenges, they have no time to consider tomorrow.  And, as mentioned previously, some are very detailed planners but have a hard time executing due to analysis paralysis. Leaders who achieve more are leaders who make plans for the future.

For this reason, Planning is…

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Accomplish THROUGH Others! – Rich’s Rules for Achievement # 7

Rich Drinon Leadership Communication

Rich's Rules TitlecardAs a leader, especially in a growing organization or one you want to grow, getting results THROUGH others is essential.  Whether you need to get greater productivity from your employees, lead the troops into battle or rally volunteers for an annual fund drive, you are counting on others to deliver the goods. You need them to take responsibility for their roles and results, while you take accountability for overall outcomes.

Delegation has been more thoroughly addressed in Rich’s Rule of Engagement #6. Achieve Through Others –Delegate!

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Get in the Zone – Rich’s Rules for Achievement # 6

Move from rigid to fluid…

Rich Drinon Leadership Communication

Rich's Rules TitlecardMove from Rigid to Fluid – Get in the Zone

There’s a point at which highly productive people can go from being in a groove to getting in a rut, where the individual becomes rigid and loses fluidity or flow. While being good with “intelligent” time management principles like setting goals, prioritizing, scheduling time and keeping a neat, orderly workplace are essential, having the ability to function intuitively by getting in the flow or zone can greatly enhance your performance.

Either before or after you hit the wall or run into a roadblock, it can be useful to stop, take a deep breath, relax, and get back in the moment, refocus and restart.  A good mantra for this practice is “Nice and easy, nice and slow.  Stay in the moment, stay in the flow.”

Getting into the flow, zone, groove usually starts by getting in the “moment” and then proceeding…

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Manage Your Time – Rich’s Rules for Achievement # 5

You only have so much…make the most of it!

Rich Drinon Leadership Communication

Rich's Rules TitlecardYou Only Have So Much – Manage Your Time

A song from the group Rufus in 1974 included the lines, “‘Got no time’ is what you’re known to say.  I’ll make you wish there was 48 hours to each day.”   Forty years later and, now more than ever, people are wishing they had 48 hours each day.   There are so many more choices you can make and so much more you can do in this high- tech information age that it’s easy to run out of time on any given day.

Goal and task-oriented types gravitate towards the principles of time management because they are always looking for ways to accomplish more goals in less time.  In the world of accomplishment, time and money are equally valuable.

People and relationship types often seek to learn time management principles once they find themselves in a position of greater authority with greater…

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