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Manage Your Time – Rich’s Rules for Achievement # 5

You only have so much…make the most of it!

Rich Drinon Leadership Communication

Rich's Rules TitlecardYou Only Have So Much – Manage Your Time

A song from the group Rufus in 1974 included the lines, “‘Got no time’ is what you’re known to say.  I’ll make you wish there was 48 hours to each day.”   Forty years later and, now more than ever, people are wishing they had 48 hours each day.   There are so many more choices you can make and so much more you can do in this high- tech information age that it’s easy to run out of time on any given day.

Goal and task-oriented types gravitate towards the principles of time management because they are always looking for ways to accomplish more goals in less time.  In the world of accomplishment, time and money are equally valuable.

People and relationship types often seek to learn time management principles once they find themselves in a position of greater authority with greater…

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Focus is the Key – Rich’s Rules for Achievement # 4

You hold the key…

Rich Drinon Leadership Communication

Rich's Rules TitlecardTaking Aim – Focus is the Key

Focus is your ability to stay on task despite distractions.  To stay the course despite disruptions.   Focus is the key to getting results.  The more you stay focused the more likely you are to achieve your goal in a timely manner.  Without focus you may never arrive at your desired destination.   Let neither distractions, interruptions, breakdowns or bad days keep you from the promised-land.  When you get knocked down, get back up, shake yourself off and get refocused.

In this day and age, more than ever before, you are faced with constant distractions, interruptions and temptations.  Some of the obvious ones are: unimportant emails, people intruding on your time for no good reason and a virtual world that offers so many more opportunities for you to do so many more things today, for better or worse, such as investigate a subject spontaneously, plan…

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Think 80/20 – Rich’s Rules for Achievement # 3

And, of course, ACT 80/20 too!

Rich Drinon Leadership Communication

Rich's Rules TitlecardFor Return on Investment – Think 80/20

If more people and organizations would think 80/20 more regularly, they would achieve more focus, productivity and – most likely – profitability, success and happiness.   It’s easy for individuals and entities to get distracted, lose focus and travel down many tangential paths that take them further away from their goals rather than towards them.

Launching a new product or service just to stay competitive can dilute your vision.  Trying to serve everyone instead of your target market reduces your mission. Taking on more responsibility than you can handle – especially things that are not central to your work or life – can rob your time and diminish your productivity.

There are only so many things that a person or organization can do well and profitably or enjoyably.  Stay focused on those things!

For this reason, Think 80/20 is Rich’s Rule for Achievement #3

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To Get Results!- Rich’s Rules for Achievement # 2

Rich Drinon Leadership Communication

Rich's Rules Titlecard(Why) You Are Here – To Get Results!

The leadership job is not for everyone.  And for those who step into the role, it usually only lasts as long as he or she gets results.  Face it – you were hired or promoted into your leadership position to get results.  You are here to “deliver the goods.”

It may be that you are not cut out for leadership – maybe you are better at following and helping make things happen than being at the helm.  That is still an extremely valuable quality.

Perhaps you just need some maturity that will come from experience and education, trial and error.  Or perhaps you and your current industry or organization are not a good match – but it’s just  a matter of time before you find a situation in which you can lead, make a difference and get the results expected..

For this…

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You Need A Vision – Rich’s Rules for Achievement # 1

Vision or Perish?!

Rich Drinon Leadership Communication

Rich's Rules TitlecardFlourish or perish – You Need a Vision!

There’s an ancient saying that people perish without a vision. Whether it’s an individual needing something to look forward to, or a sports team with high hopes for a championship season or an organization with an inspiring mission – having a vision provides a point of focus at which participants can take aim.

A vision energizes and mobilizes people.  It raises expectations and brings out the best in employees.  It unites followers in a common cause.  It rallies the troops for long marches, unavoidable battles and ultimately, victory.

For this reason, You Need a Vision is Rich’s Rule of Achievement # 1.

Points of consideration

Some people have a visionary side of them and some don’t 

Some people are able to understand a vision, or be visionary but require others to carry out the goal.  Others who are not visionary but are…

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Friday’s Big Eight # 8: Relevance

Staying relevant IS a priority!

Rich Drinon Leadership Communication

SDS presentation-creationStaying relevant is an ongoing pursuit. Because technology is constantly evolving and touching every area of your life it’s essential you learn to think and act in new ways in multiple arenas. As a leader it’s important for you to stay relevant in terms of your skills and in relation to your leadership role.

What you know about self gives you a good frame of reference from which to plan, act and improve. Some of the key areas of self-knowledge forming that frame of reference are:

Personality & Preferences

Knowing your behavioral style and which things come easily for your or which take more effort gives you an idea of where to best focus your talent or self-improvement energies.

History: Past, Present & Future

What have you learned about yourself from personal history? What are your patterns? What motivates you the most? What is your style when it comes to…

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Friday’s Big Eight # 7: Decisions

Rich Drinon Leadership Communication

SDS presentation-creationYour ability to continuously solve problems and make decisions better insures that you, the team and organization are less likely to get behind the curve when it comes to changes taking place in today’s world.  Keeping the pace is essential to remaining viable, profitable and relevant.  Your ability to decide accurately and quickly and to take decisive action can be a big asset.  Or course, so is the ability to be flexible and change your mind as needed.

Here are three primary ways to approach decision making:

Subjective– Working with known information.  Usually revolves around asking yourself or the team questions that identify the problem, causes and possible solutions.  I credit the Dale Carnegie Course and Dale Carnegie’s book How to Stop Worrying and Start Living with helping me become a better decision maker beginning in my early 20s.  Still relevant.

Objective – Needing more and better intelligence.  There…

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